Friday, October 11, 2013

Women Painters, Oldest Wine, and the 4,000 Year Old Brain

Women were the First Painters?

 Cave painting have long thought to be the work of male artist .But, Move Over Gentleman! The truth has set us women free. Women are now thought to be the chief contributors to cave painting based on a highly complex algorithm that analyzed recorded hand, finger length, palm size, etc. from ancient caves. Read the entire story here.

World's Oldest Wine: Should We Open It?

Historical Museum of the Palatinate in the western German city of Speyer
Discovered in a Roman grave more than 100 years ago, scientists are now curious to test to contents within it. However, scientist are worried about several extraneous exponent that may interfere with opening it; such as: Will modern air "change" the contents in anyway? Is it poisonous? Or has it bred some incurable plague that will turn us all into zombies!? Well, that last one is mine, but hesitation for personal or academic reasons are understandable. Read more on it here.

4,000 Year Old Brain Discovered
Superior view of fronto-temporal structures
The brain was found in Seyitömer Höyük, a bronze-age settlement in Turkey. An earthquake shook the settlement, followed by a fire that cooked the corpse and the brain inside.
The heat boiled the brain. All of the oxygen and moisture would have dissipated through capillary action, which aided in its preservation. The brain's discovery is useful for today's researchers and scientists :"Having ancient samples would help to better understand adaptations but also the evolution of neuropathology." Read the entire story here.

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