Saturday, October 12, 2013

Online Gamers Needed, Roman Perfumes Source Discovered, Unique Ancient Sundial, and Ancient Raid Mystery

The Pictish Puzzle

Online gamers welcome to the world of Indiana Jones!  The excavation of a Christian cross from a Scottish chapel has left archaeologist stumped. The cross was discovered in 3,000 fragments pieces and archaeologist believe that by scanning the pieces and uploading them for the online community  to help in reconstructing is the best solution. Read the entire article here. The puzzle will be available on October 25th, 2013.

Roman Perfumes
A new discovery in regards to the enigma of ancient perfume and antiquity have led scientist to believe they have found the correct species of plant. Read more on it here.

Ancient Sundial Discovered

Unique Sundial discovered in a 3,300 year old Bronze Age grave in Ukraine.
A unique sundial has been discovered amongst the trinkets found in a grave dating the Bronze Late Age. The sundial is unique in the fact that it does not an affixed vertical that casts a circle, but instead the owner would have to move a vertical piece each day. Thus, a more accurate time of day throughout the year. Read the detail here.

A Frozen Pompeii Reveal Ancient Raid Mystery

Gold Brooches or Fibulae discovered at the site
In the 4th century C.E on an island off the Swedish coast called Oland, a violent and well organized raid occurred. Hundreds of bodies have been uncovered and researches believe hundreds of more at yet to be found. The finding is odd, since it was Scandinavian  custom to cremate the dead. Moreover, several valuable gold pieces were discovered; why would raiders kill hundreds of people and not take every last treasure? Researchers are still speculating and studying what and how this 1,600 year old crime scene occurred.

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