Saturday, October 12, 2013

Assassin Creed in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek Portico, Cartography, Sidon, and El Dorado

Assassin's Creed Goes to Ancient Egypt?

The Assassin Creed franchise is famous for their ability to recreate era and cities with perfect precision. The storyline allows the characters to travel anyways accessing the memories of their ancestors through their DNA. So, Classical Athens, Mongolia, Japan, Atzecs and so on are all possible places and civilizations that could be reconstructed and added the ASC's worlds.  The director of series admits that he has a fascination with Ancient Egypt. Read more of his fascination here.

Ancient Greek Strip Mall
Portico of the ancient city of Argilos

A 2,500 year old portico has been discovered along the Aegean Sea. A portico is a type of outside market place or swap-meet in which vendors have storerooms to keep their items. In this particular find, there were coins, vases, shattered pottery found. Read more on the amazing find.

Modern and Ancient Maps

Google Maps are one the most popular sources in order to navigate you way from one point to another. This is extremely comparable to the ancient maps from antiquity. Read a news article here.

Sifting Through Bloody History at Sidon

An article on the archaeological findings of Sidon and its history.

El Dorado: Columbia's Ancient Roots

Calima-Malagana funerary mask, 10BC-400

Next Thursday, the British Museum will open its exhibition, Beyond El Dorado: power and gold in ancient Colombia. The resurgence of popularity of this myth have led to many transaction with the Columbian government. Columbia has had various issues with cocaine, cocoa beans and other exports. Please read more on Columbia's current situation and how El Dorado myth impacts it.

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