Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fox Egyptian Show, Restoring Spartan Theater, Egyptian tomb uncovered

Fox Orders Sexy Ancient Egypt Fantasy Drama

Fox has order to a fantasy project set in ancient Egypt titled Hieroglyph. An action-drama series “follows a notorious thief who is plucked from prison to serve the Pharaoh, navigating palace intrigue, seductive concubines, criminal underbellies and even a few divine sorcerers.”

“We wanted to do a show about deceit, sex, intrigue in the court and fantastical goings-on – no better place to set that than ancient Egypt,” said Fox’s chairman of entertainment Kevin Reilly.

Fox has ordered 13 episode of the drama, which is produced by Peter Chernin and Katherine Pope, along with Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim, Clash of the Titans), who wrote the pilot script.

Critics are hesitant that the show will do any better than some of Fox's latest failures, but some are hopeful that the latest success of Sleepy Hollow's historical fantasy will spill over to this upcoming project. Also, the fantasy series would follow in the popular foot steps of both Once Upon Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Entertainment Weekly article is here.

Restoring Sparta's Ancient Theater
Pausanias : “this theatre made of white stone is sight worthy"

Greece’s Central Archaeological Council are studying how to rehabilitate ruins of Sparta's ancient theater.  Once one of the largest theaters of antiquity it was built from white marble and able to hold 16,000 attendees.  It was built in 30-20 BCE during the Roman times and had elements of architecture from the 4th c. C.E Much of the auditorium was destroyed during the Byzantine period. Read it all here.

Ancient Egyptian Secret Tomb Uncovered
The excavations at the Abusir Archaeological Cemetery at Giza. (Arab Republic of Egypt Ministry of State for Antiquities Affairs)
"The tomb of Shepseskaf ‘ankh, Head of the Physicians of Upper and Lower Egypt who dates to the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt." See it and Read it here!


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