Sunday, October 6, 2013

Judean Date Palm is back, Mary Beard agrues with Plato, and 6,000-Year-Old Win from Greece

Extinct Tree Grow Again!
The not so "new" arrival of the Judean Date Palm Tree  
The Judean Date Palm Tree is the stuff of legends, and that's what happened to it. Once flourishing in antiquity this iconic tree of Judea slowly died out...UNTIL. Yes, that's right! In 1960's at an excavation of Herod the Great's palace, a 2,000 year jar was unearthed with some seeds for this legendary tree! When they planted the seed, a momentous event occurred: these seeds were the oldest known tree seeds to germinate and continue to thrive. Read the rest here.

Classicist Mary Beard Comes to Argue with Plato; Not Praise Him

The renowned author and classicist Mary Beard is at it again. She is well known for her documentaries along with confrontational stances on "Does Latin have a Future" early this summer at the British Museum. However, she recognizes the students and teachers priority to question texts; even those so integrated into Western Civilization that we take them for granted at times.
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6,000 Year Old Wine Found in Ancient Greece
 Everything gets better with age, right? The find was from at Diliki Tash in Northern Greece. However, there was no tangible wine found; ceramic pieces were discovered having wine residue. This residue was then tested and analyzed. It is believed to be the oldest "traces" of wine in Europe.
Read more on it here.

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