Friday, September 27, 2013

Warrior Grave, The Rapa Nui's diet, Biblical Town discovered

Warrior Grave Found Under English Golf Clubhouse
Don Shim ,who made the discovery, with the spears.
The warrior grave dating to over 2,000 years old produced five spears. The grave is thought to have belonged to a warrior of  the Catuvellauni tribe. A tribe that existed in Britain before the Roman Conquest. Read More Here.

East Islanders ate What?

East Islanders or the Rapa Nui, according to the analysis of teeth, did not eat much seafood. This was a huge shock to many researchers. Instead, the Rapa Nui ate plants, yams, bananas, and for protein: the indigenous chicken and rat. Read it here.

Biblical Town Near the Sea of Galilee Discovered
The Sea of Galilee boat is the most famous artifact from this newly discovered town. Although the boat was uncovered in 1986 the discovery of the town means we now know it was found on the ancient town's shoreline
A 2,000 year town thought to be Dalmanoutha (from the Gospel of Mark) has been discovered near the Sea of Galilee. Although, the town was prosperous; scientist are not positive that it is the town that Mark describes in the New Testament. Read it all here.

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