Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ancient Canoe, Arifacts for Sale, Ancient Etruscan Prince

7 Year Old Boy Finds Ancient Canoe

A 2,000 year old canoe has been discovered by a seven year old boy who was being taught how to scuba dive by his grandfather near Ocala, Florida. He discovered the canoe believing it was a giant mussel, but it turned out to look more like a giant log. However, researchers are still studying the piece to determine an exact time and material.Read More.

Egypt demands return of artifacts for sale in Jerusalem auction
Jerusalem is attempting to sell for auction stolen artifacts. There are 126 pieces are in question along with two stolen sarcophagus' covers. Read it all here.

Skeleton of Ancient Prince Reveals Etruscan Life
Inside the Tomb
Dating to the 7th century B.C.E, a tomb thought to belong to one of the member of the Tarquinia's royal  family has been discovered.  This Etruscan tomb was found near both a King and Queen mound-chamber.Read on it here and there are some great photos of the tomb here.

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