Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Latin for Latin Speakers

 Language is often taken for granted in this technology driven age. Students find themselves relying more and more on auto spell check, dictionaries, translating devices, and so on to aid them in their study and command of their own native language along with those they are taught or under take to learn.
  Latin is somewhat of a more difficult idea. While it is considered a dead language....dead in the sense of the lack of common day speech- it is still alive and thrives.

As the following can be seen: Septimana

Septimana Californiana, based on the lovely campus of Loyola Marymount University, is a full-immersion Latin workshop offering thought-provoking discussions, readings from Latin literature, Latin composition exercises, communal meals (most of which are included in the price), and informative lectures given by expert Latin speakers on a variety of topics. Participants will also enjoy guided tours, given in Latin, to many of Los Angeles' sights. Excursions include the Huntington Library, the Getty Center, the Long Beach Aquarium, and downtown Los Angeles.
Program Dates: July 1-8, 2013
Head Instructor: Dr. Stephen Berard, World Languages, Wenatchee Valley College.

As also can be seen are podcast from Finland: Nuntii Latini

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