Sunday, August 7, 2011

Immortals and Cleopatra

Loosely based on Theseus and Titanmarchy. Made in the same style as 300. It will make things interesting for the future Historians and Classicist. It assures me that my passion is not a dead one.

I would like to say that even though I will hate everything they do to this movie- I will appreciate its effects and gore for the sake that younger generations are inspired and search out the true knowledge or dedicate their life to the Ancient World.

I will say that I hope one day to be making movies as a proper historian and while I do understand that this movie will sell tickets and rake in an income it gives me hope that more Ancient Movies will be made.

They wait for poor Elizabeth Taylor to die before making this movie. HOW CAN THEY REMAKE IT!??!

 Reportedly the movie is still in the process of being made- thought Jolie claims that her performance will not be a lovely as Taylors. Let us hope it is better than her creepy portrayal of Olympias. It was nice, but a little over done.

It is stated the release is due out for 2013 and the appeal of the movie will not a sex appeal but of her true ruthless reign as pharoah.I respect this, because honestly- what is there sexy about this:

She seems plain at best. I wonder if they will "The Hours" Angelina Jolie the way they did Nicole Kidman. Since Cleopatra did have a nose on her.

According to the interview, it would be based up on the novel "Queen of the Nile: Cleopatra, A Life," which is described thusly:

"Rather than a devastatingly beautiful femme fatale, Cleopatra was a shrewd power broker who knew how to use her manifold gifts -- wealth, power, and intelligence -- to negotiate advantageous political deals and military alliances. Though long on facts and short on myth, this stellar biography is still a page-turner; in fact, because this portrait is grounded so thoroughly in historical context, it is even more extraordinary than the more fanciful legend. Cleopatra emerges as a groundbreaking female leader, relying on her wits, determination, and political acumen rather than sex appeal to astutely wield her power in order to get the job done."

Personally I think Margret George's version of A Memoirs of Cleoptra would be an awesome adpatation if not for a movie then a series. :)

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