Sunday, May 22, 2011

Herakles, Hesione, and Sea Monster= Fossils?

I came across this vase, when searching for some vase for Lisa'a presentation with Boustrophedon (sp?) writing on it.


I just the read the myth concerning Hercules and Hesione. I did not know she married Ajax's father NOR did I know she was the sister of Priam. WOW, my mythology is lacking.  King Laomedon of Troy seemed to be the cause of the monster and the basic down fall of the entire city of Troy before the actual fall of Troy. Poseidon and his sea monsters. I wonder- what the author has to say about fossils at Troy in comparison to this story.

Well, time for bed, maybe I will read more on this tomorrow after the Lyric Poets and write a little summary of what she has to say on the subject. Though, NOW I am very curious to her finding.

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